We can build you a solar PV system which suits your budget and your household through our scalable systems.

Residential PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) is quickly becoming the renewable energy of choice around the globe due mainly to the reduction in cost of the Solar panels and the near zero cost in maintaining them over their life cycle.


Ground Mount PV

Some customers may not have adequate roof space to install the size of solar system they require, a ground mount system is the solution if there is adequate land available.


Commercial PV

With the reduction in the cost of solar pv over the last 5 years, it is now one of the cheapest form of energy production. Give us a call if you are a business owner interested in saving money on energy cost.


Smart Systems

Munster Solar install quality Solar PV systems using the latest technology, monitoring the system using your smartphone with easy to read consumption and production data is the easiest way to help you reduce your energy demand from the grid. The system can also be set up to feed excess energy back to an immersion to heat your domestic hot water.